Time for the annual Christmas clear out? 

It’s that time of year again and the office is getting quieter and quieter as colleagues book holiday and customers begin to think about shutting shop for the Festive period.

Every year businesses think about the Festive period as a time to clear up, clean up and get rid of all the old paper that’s been lying around. That’s where we come in. Rather than drinking mulled wine, our on-site shredding vehicles travel the breadth of the country to shred the UK’s waste. We work right through the Festive period to ensure our clients’ waste is recycled and shredded securely.


Why Shred on Site?

On-site shredding is vitally important to protect your company’s reputation. What’s more it’s a legal requirement to protect customer data. Before you throw your sensitive data in the bin, remember our fast and efficient team who can come out to your business to shred all of that waste for you.


Ensuring legal compliance with paper shredding 

Every business in the UK holds sensitive information – whether this is customer or staff data. Such documents include financial information or personal details such as names and addresses. Leaving this information open to public access is not only a problem, but will leave the company open to legal issues due to lack of compliance with UK laws which require the security of such documents.


UK law includes document disposal

There are many laws within the UK which state how businesses must store and keep data secure, as well as how they should dispose of it when necessary. This includes both digital data as well as physical documents such as paper, hard drives, discs etc. Policies should also be in place for employees to follow regarding secure document disposal.


What’s important about recycling as a business? 

The UK use a total of 12.5 million tonnes of paper every single year. This uses a huge amount of energy and produces CO2, harming our environment. With businesses reducing their carbon footprint by allowing their shredded documents to go on to be recycled can dramatically reduce this, saving paper from going into landfill where more greenhouse gases are produced.

What happens after paper is collected to be recycled?

With your documents stored confidentially, upon collection a vetted service operative will be able to take your documents securely to be shredded within the specialised mobile vehicle, whilst still on site. This material is then transported to the paper recycling facility where they are composed into bales, which are taken to the recycling mill to be recycled into new paper and other low-grade paper-based products.