Every company has secure documentation – anything from staff payment information, to accounts or private customer data. When you’ve finished with these printed documents, under UK confidentiality laws, your company is required to dispose of these securely. And not only for paper documents – don’t forget any of your data that is stored on hard drives, USB sticks or other media.


The secure document destruction community is responsible for an average of about 49% of the nation’s annual paper recycling each year. With several tons of paper being shredded each day, it’s vital that companies like Shred-on-Site are on the cusp of supporting the country with its national recycling commitment. The national objective to decrease the amount of landfill waste and to increase the volume of direct recycled paper remains clear. It’s up to us and our clients to hit the targets and stop paper from hitting the landfill.  


It is likely that your business, like many, produces a number of private documents on a regular basis. This can include anything from personal customer details to bank details, as well as pay-slips and in-house transactions. How you deal with these is important, as it is vital to make sure that your business is compliant with UK legislation about data protection. Without doing this, your business could face serious legal implications.