More and more businesses are adopting the practice of on-site paper shredding. For legal compliance and protecting secure customer and staff information, keeping information confidential is an essential part of business. Mobile shredding using a trusted company is becoming the norm, as it takes up less critical time, and provides an assurance of sufficient disposal. You can leave shredding in the hands of a professional company and receive the benefits of allowing them to take care of your secure data, so that you don’t have to spend time in-house manually shredding each document.


How to increase your security with on-site shredding 

Often organisations of all sizes can overlook the issue of security without considering the implications. From theft, to more serious issues, confidentiality is crucial to protect both your customer and in-house data. Security will also give customers a reason to trust and rely on you over some of your competitors. Here are just a few ways to increase your security through on-site shredding.


The shredding process

The actual process of shredding confidential documents reduces the likelihood of them being able to be recreated from the remains. Businesses can sometimes be careless and allow private documents to end up in the bin, in one piece, risking the information being stolen. If sensitive information is taken, it can lead to further problems such as legal issues and damaging your reputation.

What does paper shredding do for the environment? 

Secure document destruction through on-site shredding keeps your private customer and business information safe. It ensures a confidential disposal of your data on-site giving you confidence that you are in full compliance with the Dara Protection Act. But as well as this, confidential paper shredding has huge environmental benefits to help your business play their part and be greener.


Less waste means saving trees

It might sound cliché but companies which care about the planet will encourage their customers to look after the environment too. Show your customers that you are willing to act and do something about it, and dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly way.