What should you be shredding? 

It is vital for your business to make sure that you are complying with UK legislation and shredding everything that you should be. Many businesses are still using paper despite the move to a more digital approach. Therefore, it is important that you are shredding your private documents securely to protect against security breaches and privacy issues. Shred-on-Site realize that this is a necessary part of your business and offer mobile vehicles to provide on-site paper shredding to provide a convenient solution for you.


Compliance with data protection

Because it’s a fundamental part of UK law to comply with the Data Protection Acts, your business must take it seriously. Document protection and secure disposal are at the heart of what Shred-on-Site do, which is why we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and provide you with a Certificate of Secure Document Destruction on site following the shredding of your documents.


How to store your secure documents before shredding 

Onsite secure shredding services provide an alternative method to in-house paper shredding, with the added benefits of being both cost-effective and time-saving. Commercial mobile services can guarantee the secure destruction of your documents; however, it is important to keep these documents private before they are destroyed. Here are some ideas of how to do that:

#1 Secure containers

If your home or business is producing a fair amount of documents to shred, investing in a secure container is not a bad idea. These receptacles must not leave documents stored inside as accessible, so they should have something such as an angled slot or security plate. Shred-on-site offers lockable veneered consoles which guarantee no access to documents once stored inside. The slot is thin and located at the top of the receptacle, which is locked.

Choosing a Shredding Service for your UK business 

When running a business in the UK it is important to consider the potential of security breaches to your data and how to reduce it. One such method is paper shredding, which disposes of your confidential documents using either mobile (on-site) or off-site industrial shredders, before sending the material to be recycled. However, there are some things to consider when choosing a shredding service for your business:

Time of collection

Because different businesses accumulate amounts of waste paper at different speeds, shredding services must be flexible to suit these needs. You may find that the current way you are paying for your shredding is not cost-effective, nor is it suitable for the amount of paper you collect in a certain period of time. Shred-on-site understands this, which is why we organise with you a set day to collect your waste, as a one-off or regular collection, to best fit your requirements.