3 Ways that on-site shredding improves your in house security

On-site shredding has quickly become an obvious choice for removing your confidential waste and data. Companies need to be concerned with the protection of sensitive financial documents and client lists, but also there are legal considerations that take priority as well. Privacy laws including HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FACTA (the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) hold businesses responsible for protecting customer/consumer information. There are two types of shredding services – on-site and off-site. What are the benefits to having your secure information shredded on-site?

The process is convenient and quick

On-site shredding companies send a truck which contains a large mobile shredder that can be sent to any location. These mobile shredders have the ability to shred thousands of pounds of paper an hour, making the process much quicker than a team member managing the process manually. Furthermore, many on-site shredding companies will provide you with lockable bins and storage facilities where you can store your confidential paper waste until it’s collected.  This provides a clear, secure and manageable location for storing confidential waste.

Customers are able to witness the shredding

You are able to witness your documents being destroyed. Being able to see your private documents being destroyed first hand can give you reassurance and confidence that the process has been managed correctly. A shredding specialist team will be fully qualified and should always present a certificate of destruction as a guarantee.

Your documents are unrecoverable

A high quality shredding company will not only shred your documents into tiny pieces but will also then mix these pieces with other shredded paper so it becomes impossible to reconstruct. These shredded pieces of paper are then recycled so the whole process is environmentally friendly as well. Once the process is completed your shredding provider will be able to provide you with the correct documentation to prove legal compliance.

Using a professional shredding service can prove to be more cost effective and beneficial for your company. It can help you to secure confidential information whilst releasing your team from managing the process internally so they can operate effectively and productively.

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