5 tell-tale signs that you could benefit from on-site shredding services

On-site shredding is becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking for efficiency improvements and better brand image. There are 5 tell-tale signs that a shift to this service could be beneficial to your business in 2018.

1. You’re going digital and dreading it

Paper-free environments are the goal for many in 2018. However, if your business is moving towards the objective of digital-only storage but you’re dreading the amount of effort this will involve to achieve because of all the existing paper then you could be a prime candidate for on-site shredding services. Switching to digital necessitates a serious clear out of paper files and documents that are no longer required and this can be an onerous task. However, on-site shredding make this much simpler, reducing the effort you need to make, as well as the time the process takes.

2. Your confidential data disposal worries you

With new EU regulations coming in this year that trigger far more serious consequences for poor data disposal, handling confidential data is a topic on everyone’s lips. It’s now necessary to have a really robust procedure in place to ensure that confidential data doesn’t get into the wrong hands, whether that’s stored on a memory stick or in a paper file. Management, transfer and storage of paper files for disposal creates a huge headache when it comes to data security. However, on-site shredding makes this simple – the confidential data doesn’t even leave your premises but is completely destroyed on-site.

3. You’d like to free up resources internally

Manual paper shredding is not the most interesting of tasks and it can also be incredibly time consuming. If your staff are spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to keep up with the volume of shredding that needs to be done then your business could benefit from on-site shredding services. Often, those staff allocated to handle this kind of task are a wasted resource because they could add far more value elsewhere. Using on-site shredding frees up your staff from this time consuming task by providing a fast and cost effective alternative solution.

4. You’re being overwhelmed by the paperwork

Storing physical documents requires a lot of space. You might have reached the limit of your available space and be concerned about the cost of acquiring more just to handle all that paper. Many businesses end up storing documents like this simply because they don’t have efficient systems in place for disposing of them. If that sounds like your organisation then you could make instant operational improvements by working with an on-site shredding partner to introduce reliable disposal instead.

5. You’re looking to be a more ethical office

Green credentials are often difficult to establish but if you can make ethical and sustainable changes to your business practices you can attract clients and new staff who are looking to align with a forward looking business. Maximising recycling is a clear sign that a business is committed to being more ethical and sustainable and on-site shredding is a very simple way to do this.

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Author: Mark Coombes, Follow me on Google+

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