How Paper Shredding Helps The Nation Recycle

How Paper Shredding Helps The Nation Recycle

Did you know that around 49% of the nation’s yearly recycling is down to the secure document destruction industry? With tons of paper being shredded on a daily basis, it’s necessary for companies such as Shred-on-Site to be on the cutting edge of supporting the country’s national recycling commitment. Our aim to lower the amount of paper waste created that goes into landfills remains at the forefront of everything we do, as well as increasing the amount of paper that we recycle. This task is not impossible, but it is up to companies like Shred-on-Site and our clients to prevent paper from being put into landfill.

What Happens During The Shredding Process?

Paper shredding companies such as Shred-on-Site collect the discarded paper waste from our clients’ premises at a pre-agreed date and time. The paper is then securely placed in one of our storage receptacles and to one of our trucks to be shredded on-site. The paper is destroyed by a super fine shredding machine, reducing it to tiny pieces, before it’s taken to our Head Office where we compact it into bales and send the remains to be recycled.

How The Paper Is Recycled

The paper waste is taken to one of our approved recycling centres, where it’s washed in soapy water to remove the ink stains, plastic and any glue residue. Then using water, the paper is reduced into a mashed ‘slurry’. Different materials are then added to the slurry, which can be used to create newspaper, card and new paper.

The End Result

Once ready, the mashed up slurry is rolled into thin sheets and left to dry. The paper can then be cut into the right shape and size, ready to be sent back out into our offices. You can identify all recycled paper by the recycled mark they carry.

Benefits Of Using Recycled Paper

One great benefit of using recycled stock is that it is often cheaper than other products. Moreover and more to the point, recycled paper can be used again and again in a manner that is in keeping with our goal of lowering the amount of paper waste intended for landfills and increasing the amount of paper that we recycle, causing less harm to the rainforests.

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