How does on-site paper shredding benefit your security and CSR at the same time?

If there are two themes that have begun to dominate business discussions in recent times it’s data security and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In the light of recent high profile cases where data has been leaked or compromised, most businesses are now hyper aware of the increasing importance that individuals place on the way that their data is handled. The same is true of CSR, which today has an important role to play in the decisions that consumers make when choosing between brands. So, given the rising importance of these two themes in the business community, what can on-site paper shredding do to help meet the needs that they generate?

On-site shredding ensures secure document and data disposal

In the physical world it is difficult to ensure that data has been safely disposed of. There are many risks that can arise in the process of throwing out documents or media that have been used to store key information. Sensitive and confidential data is often particularly at risk. When shredding is taking place off-site this increases the risk as, until the documents or media have been destroyed, the data that is contained within them still remains vulnerable. With on-site shredding this is not the case. Paper, documents or media are stored in locked bins, which are transported directly to the on-site shredding vehicle and destroyed. There is very limited room for error and the entire process is as secure as it can be.

Compliance with key data protection legislation

We are entering a new era of data protection regulation with increased international focus on the way this is done, as well as regulations such as the GDPR introducing new penalties. So, in order to comply with new requirements many businesses will need to take a second look at how data is handled. This is particularly so given that the definition of what could be considered sensitive or personal data is now much wider. On-site shredding is a foolproof way to ensure compliance with data protection regulation and to keep the business protected.

Supporting positive CSR

The CSR policies of a business now come under far more scrutiny than they used to. A key part of this is how the business treats its waste and what steps are taken to make every day business processes as environmentally friendly and green as they can be. On-site shredding can have an important role to play in helping to boost CSR credentials. Recycling documents that are no longer necessary represents the heart of creating a more sustainable way to do business – and is now considered something of a benchmark by many consumers and other businesses when choosing the brands they want to partner with. On-site shredding provides a simple way to enable recycling with minimum hassle and one that is ultra secure too.

If you’d like to improve the security and CRS that you have in place, on-site shredding could be crucial to the process. 

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