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Why should a clean-desk policy be part of your document destruction process?

Believe it or not, messy desks can be a cause of a huge data protection issue within many companies. A clean desk policy can prevent these issues and encourage your employees to be more responsible and diligent during the document destruction process.

What is a clean-desk policy?

A clean-desk policy is something that is beginning to be implemented by more and more companies. It means that employees are encouraged not to leave any documents (which are likely to contain secure information) on their desk each day. This is especially important where some companies use a hot-desking structure where workspaces are shared and documents are more likely to be accessed by unauthorised members of staff.

Whether your company uses hot desking or has designated desks, it’s important to implement a clean-desk policy since removing all documents at the end of each day will encourage staff to keep documents secure.

Educating your employees

A large element to your document destruction process is educating your employees about the risks associated with failure to dispose of documents securely. Regular inspections and enforcing this clean-desk policy is an effective way to address security risks during the storage period of your documents’ lifespan.

Storing your documents securely

In order for your employees to keep documents secure, they will need somewhere to stored used documents before they can be disposed of. Shred-on-Site’s range of receptacles including lockable consoles and wheelie bins provide an ideal secure storage solution before waste is dealt with in a confidential manner.

On-site secure shredding

On-site shredding offers a more secure alternative to the off-site alternative. Shred-on-Site’s team can come to your business’ location and ensure that the shredding of your documents takes place to a legally sufficient standard to comply with data protection regulations, and remove the risk of data being compromised. This is carried out at your convenience and we will even give you a certificate to guarantee the disposal following the destruction process.

Find out more about storing and shredding your documents securely by giving Shred-on-Site a call today on 0800 181 4106.

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