Wanting to declutter the office? This is why you should be using a professional shredding service

Decluttering and the minimal aesthetic have made a serious comeback in recent years. There are benefits to ensuring that your space is better organised and this isn’t just about having the right furniture or using clever storage. For most offices today the use of paper documents and files is still a reality – and these can make decluttering difficult to do. There can also be some serious implications if the data in these documents is not properly protected.

The Importance of Confidential Paper Shredding

Paper shredding is a simple process but one that has become increasingly essential for every business today. Most of us are aware of the potential dangers of sensitive documents that are left unprotected and how this can lead to business identity theft. However, recent regulatory change has also increased the need for regular paper shredding in order for compliance standards to be reached. As a result, confidential paper shredding has become one of the most important internal processes for any organisation keen to develop and grow within legal frameworks.

How Paper Shredding and Recycling is good for your security and beneficial for the environment

Shredding has 2 main benefits – security and reducing your carbon footprint. Every business is ideally going to be considering how they can protect their company from any data breaches or loss of confidential information, but many companies also choose to address their environmental impact. Paper shredding is something that contributes to improving both of these areas.