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3 ways to increase your in-house security

Many security threats come from inside your company. Confidential information can get into the wrong hands where sufficient security procedures are not in place. Whether this is by accident through lack of data handling training, or intentional, there’s a number of ways that you can reduce this risk by increasing your in-house security measures.

#1 Partner with a trusted shredding company

Choosing a reputable shredding company to take care of your shredding and disposal requirements is an effective way to ensure that discarded information is always destroyed to a sufficient level that it cannot be read. As part of The Shredding Alliance, Shred-on-Site is one of the UK’s leading paper shredding providers. We provide customers with not only secure on-site shredding services, but also secure storage options include locked veneered capsules which prevent access without a key once documents are slotted into the top.

#2 Cater for your media destruction needs

Alongside your paper shredding needs, there may be other things that need to be destroyed for data security purposes. Partnering with a well-known shredding company will allow you to have peace of mind that they are taking care of all of these elements.

As well as general paper-shredding, Shred-on-Site also offers media destruction services and branded product destruction, all of which are guaranteed by the presentation of a certificate following the destruction process.

#3 Restricting access to private documents

Choose a shredding company that offers secure storage solutions to restrict unauthorised access to documents without a key. As well as the standard locked veneered capsules, Shred-on-Site offers a variety of lockable storage solutions including lockable wheelie bins. This provides companies with options that fit the amount of storage space that they have and other specific requirements.

Shred-on-Site provides trained shredding staff who are certified to complete the document shredding process. This helps you to maintain your data compliance, and reduces the likelihood of a security breach.

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