5 Indicators that you may need an Onsite Paper Shredding partner

Paper shredding is something that every business does today, with security issues and efficiency at the top of the list of reasons for implementing this in the business. However, in-house paper shredding can have many issues, from shredders that don’t fully destroy documents to those times when it just doesn’t get done and paper stacks up around the premises. A relationship with an onsite paper shredding services partner has many advantages - these are some of the situations that indicate you might benefit from one.

Security Concerns

The business has serious security concerns. Documents containing sensitive or personal data remain a favourite hunting ground for criminals focused on identity theft or business disruption. This can create some serious security worries internally that pile on the pressure. An onsite shredding partner is the best antidote to security concerns, providing a completely reliable shredding service that ensures full destruction of potentially vulnerable data, every time.

Compliance Issues

Compliance issues are constant. Regulations such as the GDPR have created a whole web of compliance requirements that place heavy responsibilities on businesses today, with even heavier penalties where those responsibilities aren’t being met. Ensuring that your business is meeting compliance standards is essential, not just to avoid financial penalties but reputational damage too. When it comes to standards for data security, confidentiality and protection, an onsite shredding partner can help your business to effortlessly comply.

Paper Clutter

Paper is a problem in the office. That could be piles of clutter that build up on desks or shared areas or documents like old manuals, plans or prototypes that just get left sitting around when there is no longer any use for them. Not only are there health and safety risks involved in an excess of paper but it can also create an environment that is stressful and unproductive. The alternative is to work with an onsite paper shredding partner able to provide lockable consoles for all material to be shredded so that it is organised, and out of the way, until it is effectively disposed of.


The need to be more sustainable and eco-focused feels constant. If your business is trying to shift to systems and processes that are less damaging to the environment, an onsite paper shredding partner can help you to achieve this. Shredded paper can be recycled, something that your partner can arrange for you, which means that it provides materials for new products and doesn’t end up in landfill.


It feels like there’s never time to focus on what is business-critical. When you don’t have robust processes in place for basic requirements, such as disposing of old documents, files and papers, then this can take up far too much thinking time within the business. An onsite paper shredding partner provides peace of mind that the business is protected, not just when it comes to security and compliance but also in meeting environmental targets and goals too. This kind of business relationship helps to take the stress out of operational management and effortlessly make it more efficient.

If you recognise your business in any of the above then it might be time to think about working with an onsite paper shredding partner.

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