Data legal compliance

Comply with data protection legislation through paper shredding

Data compliance is a growing concern for many businesses nationally. With more incidences of hacking and data breaches, the British public are increasingly aware of the need to keep their data secure, and businesses are under pressure to ensure that all confidential information is kept private.

Legal implications for failure to comply

The consequences of failing to comply with UK data protection legislation can be catastrophic. Not only can customer data be left vulnerable and accessed by unauthorised individuals, but it can leave businesses with an expensive mistake as they need to compensate for their lack of confidentiality. There are also long-term implications such as loss of customer trust and a damaged reputation which can lead to a lack of business following the event.

Paper shredding takes care of practical destruction

Although many businesses think about their online security, physical documentation can be overlooked. Often a large volume of confidential business information is stored as physical copies waiting to be disposed of. If this is just thrown away or recycled, there’s a high risk of it being intercepted and getting into the wrong hands. Paper shredding is a guaranteed way of removing this risk by destroying all physical copies of data securely before it leaves the business premises.

Every stage is catered for

Shred-on-Site takes a holistic approach to confidential paper shredding for businesses. They provide locked veneered capsules, lockable wheelie bins and other storage solutions to meet the requirements of each organisation. Destruction is overseen by qualified members of the Shred-on-Site team, whilst going on to take away and recycle all of the documentation that you no longer need. This takes care to improve your business sustainability and environmental policies as much as possible. Shred-on-Site even uses low-carbon vehicles to ensure that the process is a green as it can be.

Compliance can be convenient

Shred-on-Site also takes responsibility for document destruction, issuing all customers with a certificate of guarantee, and giving peace of mind that all data is destroyed to comply with UK legislation. They make collections at convenient times – either regular or one-off, depending on the need.

Find out more about the importance of shredding by watching this video or calling 0800 181 4106 to talk to one of the team today.

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