Sustainable Shredding

Contribute to sustainability by shredding paper

Over time people are gradually becoming more aware of the impact that we have on our planet and our growing responsibility to protect it. Every one of us has a part to play in contributing to a green society and reducing waste. Many businesses incorporate environmental sustainability into the ethos and values of their companies, and want to deal with waste in the most helpful way. Sustainability is a value that Shred on Site shares, and we want to encourage businesses to get rid of documents to recycle as much as possible, whilst guaranteeing a secure and thorough shredding service that is also convenient.

What is the problem?

On average each UK household uses 6 trees worth of paper every year – scale this up to business level and that figure multiplies significantly. Disposing of paper without care and attention can lead to large-scale environmental issues, which can easily be avoided.

Where does security come in?

41% of security breaches are caused by human error. Storing all confidential information in one of Shred-on-Site’s veneered capsules, locked wheelie bins or bags before shredding keeps it secure and inaccessible until the documents can be destroyed sufficiently. This allows their qualified engineers to come and destroy your documents on-site depending on your need whether this is regular collections or a one-off service.

Sustainable shredding services

After the document destruction process, Shred-on-Site takes all the shredding paper to be recycled, saving businesses the time and cost of doing this in-house, and contributing to their green policies. They use trucks that are as environmentally friendly as possible to deliver these services.

If you want to increase your business sustainability and reduce your impact on the environment, get in touch for secure shredding services from Shred-on-Site today. Call 0800 181 4106 for a quote.

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