Does Your Company Meet Public Sector Data Protection Security Measures?

Does Your Company Meet Public Sector Data Protection Security Measures?

On a day to day basis, public sector organisations tend to process more information than private sector organisations. Without the right security measures in place, that large amount of data could pose a threat if it ends up in the wrong hands. This being the case, the public sector is a big target of information theft, which further magnifies the importance of having the correct security measures in place to protect your business.

What Failing To Comply With Data Protection Laws Means For Your Company

The misfortune of having your company’s information stolen is in itself a disaster. Yet, if your company doesn’t have the right security measures in place, at the time of the data breach, further legal ramifications could ensue. If sensitive information is leaked from your company to unapproved sources, due to a lack of appropriate security measures, your company could suffer from personal damages, loss of trust from clients and even long-term damage to your company’s reputation.

Where Shredding Comes In

Having all of your office’s paper documents shredded is a great way of stopping important information from ending up in the wrong hands. This service, including the shredding of media such as CDs, memory sticks and DVDs, ensures that there isn’t a single piece of recoverable data after its destruction.

Shredding Helps Comply With UK Public Sector Laws

Document shredding services from Shred-On-Site guarantee that your business is compliant with UK Data Protection laws and helps your company contribute to environmental causes such as recycling. By letting impartial shredding experts come into your offices and destroy important, but no longer necessary, documents on your behalf, you are assured a full service. Not to mention the time and money that this process could save you. This service will also always be documented, by your company being issued with a certificate of work completed.

How Shred-On-Site Can Help Meet UK Data Protection Laws In The Public Sector

Shred-On-Site observes the UK Data Protection laws, so that your company doesn’t have to. With Shred-On-Site, the process of sensitive information destruction is simpler than ever, as all your company has to do is book our shredding services to come to your offices on a regular basis, or as a one-off collection if this better suits your company’s needs. Because the destruction process is done onsite, you can even watch it. This also helps your company contribute to the environment, by utilising a carbon-neutral and sustainable method of eliminating your company’s waste.

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