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How using a shredding partner can reduce your business waste

The pro-environmental movement has been strong in recent years and there has been a great deal of focus on minimising waste and reducing the use of single-use plastics, as well as other substances such as palm oil. Whether or not your business is motivated by green objectives there are a lot of benefits to integrating a more sustainable and less wasteful approach to operations. Not only does this improve social responsibility and eco-credentials but it can also help you to streamline costs and ensure that your business can continue to thrive if tougher regulations are introduced. Shredding is a very simple but effective way to help ensure that your business does better where waste is concerned.

Where is your business producing the most waste?

For many organisations, this will begin with the way that plastic is used throughout an organisation, from packaging through to plastic cutlery in the office canteen. A review of how wasteful the business currently is will be an essential place to start for any enterprise looking to minimise this and take a more sustainable approach. This could also mean looking closely at supply chains and making changes to suppliers that are working to a similar ethos and can offer less wasteful alternatives. Making the switch to more biodegradable materials, for example, can help to engineer a big shift when it comes to reducing business waste across operations.

How does shredding have an impact?

Paper waste is already a big issue for businesses - and this could be set to increase as paper takes over from plastic as a viable alternative that offers more options for recycling. However, to ensure that any switch to paper is truly sustainable it’s essential to have a system in place that allows for your business to dispose of paper used in the most environmentally sound way possible. Paper Shredding services is an easy way to do this and can help to significantly reduce business waste. Working with a shredding partner takes the burden of processing shredding off the business and ensures that it is handled in a compliant and secure way. The shredded materials are recycled - they don’t end up in landfill - so there is much less waste involved than in many other processes of paper disposal. Plus, shredding is secure and the risk of sensitive or business-critical data being made vulnerable is minimised. Whether that’s confidential employee records, financial planning data or draft expansion proposals, shredding these documents not only helps to minimise the waste that they create but also ensures that the data in them doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

It’s becoming increasingly common now for businesses to realign values and priorities with a more environmentally friendly and sustainable operational approach. One of the significant shifts that is taking place is where organisations are looking for opportunities to be less wasteful. Shredding not only helps to ensure that business records and documents are being properly disposed of but also helps to minimise and streamline the waste that an enterprise creates - and make sure that this is responsibly dealt with.

At Shred-on-Site all of the output shredded paper is recycled. We also consolidate the shredded waste streams with a cost-effective solution that stops any paper waste going to landfill.


If you have any need for confidential shredding, our team will be happy to assist, in any enquiry or you can use our online tool to obtain a quote



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