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Secure Document Destruction – The easiest way to shred your confidential waste

Every business consumes thousands of tons of confidential paper waste each year. With the growth of the mobile Internet, it might seem that paper waste is in decline. The reality is that paper waste in UK businesses continues to rise and be a major contributing factor to landfill, despite the efforts of concerned environmentalists.

At National and Local Government, the drive is on to ensure that corporations and SMEs engage in a proactive Recycling Policy to minimise the amount of waste produced. For many businesses however, disposing of confidential waste is far more tricky! The reality is that the disposal of confidential waste is a legal requirement for UK firms. Breaches in data security can not only be embarrassing but can also land the company with extensive fines if not managed correctly.

Disposing of documents such as bank statements, financial projections or customer lists can be a daunting and time consuming task that usually falls on the Office Manager to deliver. For many businesses, the humble paper shredder is the only barrier between paper waste and possible breaches in privacy and security. But how can the Office Manager ensure that every employee is compliant and disposes of confidential waste correct? The simple and most effective way to achieve guaranteed security and resilience is to implement a Secure Document Destruction policy.

At Shred-on-Site, we provide businesses, both large and small, with a simple yet effective solution to manage your document destruction and recycling. We provide you with a secure locked receptacle that can be customised to the aesthetics of your office. Our mobile paper shredding vehicles arrive at an agreed point each month and collect the waste from the receptacle and shred it on-site. You can even watch the shredding process to guarantee the security of your confidential waste. Once shredded, the tiny pieces of paper are taken away to our processing centres to be bailed and recycled.

Companies nationwide have entrusted their organisation’s security to Shred-on-Site because we are the largest independent secure document destruction company in the UK. For more information, please speak to one of our team who would be pleased to help.

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