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Secure Shredding requirements for the Health Service

Every business has its own security requirements, but none more than the National Health Service. Maintaining patient confidentiality is essential to build trust and protect individuals’ details. Disposing of patients’ medical records is vital to comply with UK legal requirements regarding private information. Ensuring that all paperwork is disposed of by shredding to a sufficient standard is a requirement of NHS and GP Privacy Policies.

Health Service confidentiality

Shredding and patient security require a lot of attention and importance for the NHS, which deals with a large number of people every day. With so many patients using doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and private clinics regularly, the need to dispose of patient data is extremely high. Shredding records and other documents contributes to patient safety and security.

On-site paper shredding can maintain patient privacy

In an industry with a large volume of information passing through, it is important that no confidential data is overlooked. All information is required to be shredded to an unrecoverable standard according to UK legislation, and shredding on-site is the most secure way to guarantee that no information is leaked or gets into the wrong hands.

Storing confidential data prior to shredding

Even if regular collections are made to destroy private documents, it is vital that access is restricted to them before this process occurs. Shred-on-Site is able to provide the NHS with a variety of locked receptacles such as veneered capsules. These allow healthcare professionals to put documents into a locked holder. Only those with the keys can then access this, and once documents have been put in they cannot be taken out again.

Solutions for the Health Service

On-site shredding can be done regularly or on one-off occasions to meet the requirements that you have. Health-care centres may benefit from regular collections to prevent the build-up of confidential information, whilst Shred-on-Site is able to certify the shredding process and guarantee that the legal requirement of sufficient destruction has occurred.

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