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Should You Shred Your Paper Waste On-Site or Off-Site?

Every organisation, no matter how small its administration, creates confidential information in hard copy and the only really safe way to dispose of that is to shred it on-site. If you’re administering any type of business and you're not sure if you need a paper shredding service, don’t take our word for it – take a look for yourself! Have a rummage through your general waste or recycling bins at the end of a busy working day. We absolutely guarantee that you’ll find sensitive material in there that should have been shredded.

Once you’ve established that you need some type of document destruction process in place, the next step is deciding on the scale. Small office shredders have their uses when volumes are very low but when paper shredding needs escalate they just can’t cope. Furthermore, if you want to be 100% compliant, don’t have two or three different disposal streams for paper. Once again we will absolutely guarantee that you will find confidential waste in a general recycling or general waste bin. That’s just not worth taking the risk when you consider the costs of our service. Make it simple – when it comes to paper, just shred it all on-site. We recycle 100% of what we shred so that’s greener too.
OK so now you have two choices – shred on or off-site. Hmm. You’ve just frightened yourself half to death with the discovery in the waste bins - employee records, bank details, customer details and invoices, quotes and other data that your competitors would relish. Don’t compromise now by choosing an off-site service where your sensitive material can go through a number of different processes or even shredding companies before it’s shredded. 
So let’s have it shredded on-site – you’re narrowing it down. When choosing a service provider, how can you be sure that you’re engaging with a reputable company? In an unlicensed industry, at the very least you need to use a company that is audited by a recognised external party and not just self-regulating. The best way to be sure of this is to check that your chosen provider has a UKAS approved ISO9001 Quality Management system with EN15713 embedded within the scope. Put simply, this means that the shredding company is audited annually for compliance and has all of the necessary systems and processes in place to handle your confidential material correctly.
Do it right – shred it on-site. We run a fleet of mobile shredding trucks which maximise both the security and efficiency of the paper shredding process. Our operatives are vetted to BS 7858, wear company uniform, carry photo ID and are highly trained to handle confidential material through the shredding process. This takes place on your premises and you can witness the shredding if required. Once our vehicle moves away, you’ll have a Certificate of Destruction in your hand and total peace of mind. Not left wondering just where and what might happen to your material before it gets shredded as is the case with an off site service.

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