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Shred-on-Site's shredding service is tailored for every size business, find out why?

A tailored shredding service is designed specifically for your business and will enable your organisation to fulfil compliance commitments and improve efficiency. No matter what size your enterprise there are still standards that need to be met when it comes to secure data destruction and shredding is the simplest and most effective way to ensure that you meet these. So, how does it work?

Helping you to prioritise security

Ever since the introduction of the GDPR strict new penalties have been enforced against organisations where data security is not a priority. In addition to being fined, companies that are not on top of data security may also find their reputation damaged if the data contained in documents is stolen or leaked. Shredding helps to ensure this doesn’t happen and a bespoke service that is tailored to your business’ individual needs is a foolproof way to keep standards high.

A regular collection schedule

One of the biggest risks to data in documents today is that it can be intercepted by a third party. This is most likely to happen where documents are simply left sitting around in unsecured containers. Shred-on-Site's tailored shredding service includes a regular schedule of collections designed to ensure that the volume of paper never exceeds what is securely manageable. We will provide you with lockable bins or containers free of charge. These can be used to secure documents until they are ready for collection. On pre-arranged dates that work for your business Shred-on-Site will collect these containers and shred the contents before they leave the premises. This means your sensitive data is secure until it is destroyed and isn’t vulnerable as a result of being left to build up over long periods of time.

A range of bespoke options

It’s not just the collection schedule and volume of shredding that you can tailor to what your business really needs. Shred-on-Site's tailored shredding service is also able to tackle a wide range of different materials for shredding, from documents and files to digital media such as hard drives and even uniforms and products. If you’re looking to ensure that your organisation doesn’t fall victim to corporate espionage and/or identity theft then destroying unwanted products or prototypes, as well as uniforms that are no longer needed could be essential. Shred-on-Site can integrate this into the shredding service that you get so that every need is met.

The option of off-site shredding

If you don’t have the space for shredding on the premises – or you’d prefer that this takes place elsewhere – there is the option of shredding that is carried out at one of our secure depots. We will arrange for the secure transportation of the materials that need to be shredded and then ensure that they are disposed of to keep your business safe.

Shred-on-Site's tailored shredding service is effective and helps to improve security, efficiency and compliance where data protection is concerned, right across the business.

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