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Some Interesting Facts about Paper Shredding

Shred-on-Site has acquired years of invaluable expertise in the field of paper shredding. We have found that there are some large knowledge gaps in the document destruction industry. These holes may be hindering the views and opinions of businesses causing them make misinformed decisions. Further down the line, these judgements can prove to be costly as they are inadequate and not full proof.

1 – The truth about paper shredding in the office

Office shredders have their place, there is no denying that, especially at home for personal use. But did you know they’re dangerous? In 2012 there were 2,700 reported incidents of injuries caused by in-house paper shredding. The highly recommended, cross cut shredders are capable of severing fingers and certainly causing a trip to the hospital. This is the last thing any business needs; especially with the ability for employees to take action on a no win no fee basis. Not only that; but the more expensive and powerful the shredder is, the heavier it will be. This means that if it falls over – which is a common occurrence – it will lead to further injuries. 

To safely operate this specialist piece of equipment, staff will need to be trained. This increases downtime, raises costs and wastes resources. There is also the likelihood of the equipment breaking down, raising maintenance fees and further squandered time.  

2 – Media Destruction Service

Our mobile shredding vehicles at Shred-on-Site are second to none, that being said we do have some limitations. In order to safely operate our industry grade paper shredders, we can’t mix media (Hard Drives, CD’s, USB sticks etc.) and documents in the same cycle. This will cause damage to our machinery and ultimately affect our ability to shred it for you. 

This is in fact, a requirement with any paper shredding service and is not known by many of our clients before they contacted us. Media destruction services need a separate appointment to ensure that we can deliver the highest standard of document destruction achievable. 

3 – You might be doing more than you need to

Most business contacts I liaise with are worried about the sheer volume of staples attached to their documents, and what a task removing them would be. Do not fear; although our mobile shredding vehicles can’t mix metal and documents, paper clips and staples won’t cause any problems. This makes our process simple, efficient and effective, resulting in us becoming the UK’s largest independent paper shredding company. 

I hope now you’re more informed in the world of confidential document destruction. If you aren’t happy with your current provider or just have some questions; we would love to speak to you. So, please get in touch with us today at - 0800 181 4106

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