The Importance Of Your Company Shredding Sensitive Documents

The Importance Of Your Company Shredding Sensitive Documents

The complete and secure destruction of sensitive documents is a necessary part of daily business nowadays. Shredding doesn’t just save space, but it also helps your company comply with legal data protection requirements, as well as the environmental benefits that it brings.

How Shredding Benefits The Environment

With business moving from paper-based to digital processes some might find it surprising that annually, over 20 million tonnes of paper waste is produced. Those 20 million tonnes are made up of corporate businesses, with 85% being customer and employee data such as bank statements and payslips. It is becoming more common that companies are made to take responsibility for the effects that their business has on the environment. This has led many companies to implement recycling policies in an effort to be greener and create less waste. Having your company’s documents shredded by a company like Shred-On-Site puts your mind at ease in the knowledge that all of your documents will be recycled after their destruction, as opposed to wasting time, money and other in-house resources. It is all of our responsibility to protect the environment. A decision to dispose of sensitive documents with a company like Shred-On-Site that will recycle your waste, is a great way to help the environment.

Legal Obligation

Not only does shredding benefit the environment, but not having documents securely disposed of can result in legal action being taken against your company. In many companies, employees have frequent access to sensitive pieces of information, which makes these documents potential security risks if they are not appropriately disposed of once they’re no longer necessary. Though British law protects businesses from fraud, it continues to be a regular occurrence. Using a vetted and secure document disposal method is the only way to comply with UK law and it has also proven itself to be the best way to minimise fraud.

How Shred-On-Site Can Help

As an approved and secure document destroying company, Shred-On-Site can offer your business a shredding service onsite, removing all liability from you. The documents will be taken to our Shred-On-Site collections vans, where you can watch as they are completely destroyed. The process is fast and efficient, and collections range from frequent visits to one offs depending on your businesses requirements. Shred-On-Site vehicles aren’t just limited to disposing of paper documents as they can also destroy other types of media such as CD disks and hard drives.

All of our workers are certified and after each visit to your premises, a certificate of secure destruction will be issued after the shredding process. The waste will then be taken to be recycled, keeping the environment as a priority.

If you’re interested in Shred-on-Site taking care of your document shredding needs, or to learn more, contact us today on 0800 181 4106.

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