Paper shredding process

The Paper Shredding Process - Keeping it Green from Start to Finish

Shred-on-Site are document shredding specialists that focus on keeping your company compliant with current legislation whilst being environmentally friendly. Our secure paper shredding solutions are designed to be cost effective whilst reducing your carbon footprint. 

The world of recycling has now become an integral part of our everyday lives. It’s an expectation and a legal obligation for businesses nationwide to take paper waste and shred it securely. In the UK alone we produce enough paper waste to fill Trafalgar Square right to the top of Nelson’s Column every day. With every tonne of paper recycled, 17 trees will be saved. Let’s be honest though, it’s sometimes easier to just throw it away, however the growing environmental cost of landfill means that sustainability is of paramount importance. 
Disposing of documents through paper shredding using a home office shredder is a time consuming and frustrating task. The machines often jam or break which results in confidential documents not being completely shredded. This presents a security risk as your company’s critical data can’t be guaranteed. It’s really important that we keep it green from start to finish and comply with the Data Protection Acts.
Shred-on-Site are using state-of-the-art paper shredding technology to make your life easier. Confidential paper shredding not only fulfills your legal obligations but also safeguards the secure destruction of your documents. Document shredding doesn’t have to be a headache. Using our approved step by step procedure, skilled operatives shred it for you so you don’t have to worry about your waste. We’ll then recycle all of your documents, keeping you compliant with regulations whilst reducing your carbon footprint.
Shred-on-Site service organisations across London and the South of England that have regular paper shredding requirements as well as one-off shredding needs. Our services are delivered through our network of mobile shredding teams in the famous Shred-on-Site fleet of trucks.
For those who need to dispose of documents regularly then a secure shredding container will be placed in your office. This is the first stage in the on-site shredding process. These secure receptors are designed to hold sensitive documents and keep them safe before collection so staff can simply and efficiently drop their waste paper inside. The containers themselves come in a variety of colours to match the décor of the premises so that we don’t interrupt the day to day running of your office.  
On a pre-arranged date, a member of our trained paper shredding staff will visit your office to empty the secure shredding container. Our staff are vetted and trained not to disturb the working environment and to keep the documents secure and completely confidential until they have been destroyed. 
Our operatives move the waste paper to our mobile shredding vehicles. When the retrieved documents are on the vehicles they’re immediately shredded to an unrecognisable and safe state. You are welcome to watch the entire process if you wish. 
Once the paper has been securely shredded, it’s moved to our warehouse to be pulped into cubes and recycled. You have now met the legal obligations to shred any documents from your business and you have recycled all the paper to be used again, helping the environment and protecting the security of your company’s sensitive documents.  
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we would be happy to help.

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