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Time Management with your Paper Shredding

Time is such a valuable commodity; managing it effectively can mean the difference between success and failure. So much so businesses invest thousands of pounds into automation software to free up their workforce and make them more productive. Time is important, but then so is security. Balancing an effective paper shredding policy into your busy work schedule may seem impossible - where there is a will there is a way. 

It’s a difficult discipline to set aside time each day for confidential document destruction. In fact you may even see it as a waste of time. What are the odds of something going wrong if you don’t do it? As I mentioned in my previous article, this attitude has caused a rise in theft and fraud. So squeezing a sustainable paper shredding discipline into your life can save you money, stress and potential legal implications.  
I’m going to be honest though, things can still go wrong. Small office paper shredders are renowned for jamming and breaking. Having to replace or spend time fixing them is a hassle. It disrupts your routine, effecting your motivation to carry on paper shredding.
There is a long list of problems that can arise from human error which will affect the proficiency of your paper shredding. For example, missing vital documents and throwing them into the dustbin, or not competently shredding the documents to a sufficient size. But wait; there are other options available to you that can improve your business processes. 
An on-site paper shredding service from Shred-on-Site is a great resource.  We will make your time management easier whilst improving your security. Being able to take your hands off the paper shredders and time consuming maintenance problems, will enable you to invest your efforts more productively. 
The bottom line of business is to make money. The return you get from an on-site paper shredding service is beyond productivity - its security, compliance and environmentally efficient. As an industry we tend to focus on these three points, but our services have more to offer. Shred-on-Site release business owners to invest their time into more beneficial enterprises to further grow their business.
Not only will senior executives benefit from a paper shredding service, but so will staff. Freeing their time to complete work and meet deadlines unburdens them and will promote for a healthier work environment. It’s important to maintain an enthusiastic and motivated workforce to ensure work is fulfilled with integrity and purpose. 
There is no reason why you shouldn’t be using a paper shredding service if you’re not already. Time management is the difference between enjoying work and being overloaded. So let’s be realistic and outsource your secure document destruction to document shredding specialist like Shred-on-Site to help improve your capacity, security and working environment. Get in touch with Shred-on-Site if you have any questions and I am sure we will be able to help you. 

Author: Mark Coombes - Follow me on Google+

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