Turn Your Carbon Footprint into a Green Footprint by Shredding on Site

More people across the UK are beginning to take responsibility for maintaining the planet and doing what they can to minimise their carbon footprint. Many customers are now interested in how companies are also contributing to this, and the impact they will have on the environment when buying goods or services from them.

Social and corporate responsibility

When everyone works together, we can do our best to impact the environment positively – this means recycling as much of our waste as possible. Shred-on-Site makes this a priority, alongside the security benefits that secure shredding brings. On site shredding can play a key role in your sustainability policy as we guarantee that all shredded paper waste is transported to be recycled after the shredding process is complete.

Paper shredding policies

Having a paper shredding policy not only helps to turn your carbon footprint into a green footprint, but it also improves the overall security of your business and promotes data security. This will help you to comply with legal standards and do your bit for the world at the same time. Currently, less than ¾ of paper waste is recycled across the UK, but Shred-on-Site will complete the whole process and recycle your documents after they have been sufficiently destroyed.

Your company values

We take care of the whole process to work with your company values. Having a shredding policy will encourage your staff and customers to consider their own impact on the environment and work towards promoting a sustainable working environment. Read about our shredding process here.

To get a quote for your shredding requirements, get in touch via the website or give Shred-on-Site a call on 0800 181 4106 to speak to one of our team directly.

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