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on-site shredding

What benefits does on-site shredding have compared to off-site shredding?

On-site shredding is one of the easiest and most secure shredding methods of destroying documents, files and media. The on-site shredding is carried out on the premises, when and where you can oversee the whole process. You can make sure you get your confidential and non-confidential material shredding in accordance with the UK legislation, stating you have a legal duty to destroy all documents.

Why You Should Choose On-Site Shredding

First of all you are handing over the responsibility to a certified company, and if that isn't comforting in itself, Shred-on-site does it on the premises where you can see it firsthand. When on-site shredding was first introduced, it gained the popular slogan of, “On-site,done right”. Instead of worrying about the safety of your shredding, whilst juggling a million other things on your mind, you can have peace of mind that the job will be done adequately.

3 Benefits of Using On-Site Shredding


1 - Convenience

When using a mobile shredding company like Shred-on-site, it will give you the chance to choose when they come to shred the documents. Completely down to preference, this can be arranged to be done on a regular weekly basis, monthly or even as a one-off service. All you need is to have your desired documents ready to be shredded. Thinking about where to put it all? Shred-on-site also provides storage in between the shredding days, including lockable veneered consoles, secure wheelie bins and sacks, meaning your documents will not leave the site until they've been fully shredded.

2 - Time-Saving

Time is valuable and having the documents shredded on site will give you the benefit of saving time. It is a very fast process which you or anyone who is staff can watch themselves. It will definitely save you the time and effort of loading all of your documents into the shredder day-by-day and just destroys it all in one go. Not to mention the interruptions of phone calls or having to take breaks to let the shredder cool down when you’re shredding manually. It will make a significant time difference in your day and will allow you to spend the time focusing on your business instead of having to watch and manually do the document disposal.

3 - Security

Shredding all of your documents on-site will dramatically increase your level of security. When keeping all of your documents on the premises, you are reducing the risk of them not being kept confidential. On-site shredding applies to any business that prints personal information, not just very sensitive or confidential information. With Shred-on-site you can be assured that the shredding is sufficient and completed by qualified, highly experienced professionals. The added security is offered with mobile shredding as you are provided with secure receptacles to store documents before disposal, meaning there is no access once the documents are inside.

Why choose Shred-On-Site shredding services?

Whether you are a small or large business, it is a worthwhile investment to choose shredding services from professionals. Shred-on-site really know the importance of these guaranteed services, maintaining your privacy for the benefit of your company and customer data, as well as compliance with the UK legal requirements. Shred-on-site will present you with a certificate following the services showing their knowledge of the importance of guaranteed, professional shredding services.

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