As a business, how can you reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint is a vital part of business strategy today. Clients and customers look for it and the only way countries will achieve net zero carbon targets is if organisations join the fight. If you’re keen to do better in 2022 when it comes to sustainability and green credentials, these are some of the steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint fairly swiftly.

Change the way that your business uses energy

There are cost benefits to improving how your organisation approaches energy - for example, leaving just one computer or monitor on overnight could be costing your business as much as £45. Use these three easy ways to improve how your business uses energy and reduce your carbon footprint as a result:

  1. Introduce a ‘turn off’ policy. Make sure that lights, PCs, monitors, phone chargers etc are all unplugged or turned off at the end of the day.
  2. Get your energy from a different source. Switch to a provider that is generating energy from renewable sources or, if you own your property, consider installing your own energy generation, such as solar panels.
  3. Change your lightbulbs. Switching to more energy efficient light bulbs is such a simple move but also one that could make a big difference. LED bulbs, for example, don’t heat up so they will use less energy while providing the same quality of light.

Use on-site paper shredding

This is one of the most energy efficient ways to organise secure document disposal. The truck is operating while on the road so energy is saved, and routes are planned to be as efficient as possible so that emissions connected to the shredding process can be considerably reduced.

Improve waste management

A secure shredding service will take all your paper waste from the premises and ensure that it is recycled, rather than ending up in landfill. You can also find a shredding partner who will be able to help you deal responsibly with other waste, such as unwanted IT equipment, uniforms, badges, hard drives etc.

Make sure your building is well insulated

There are dual benefits to investing in better insulation for your office. Quality insulation means that you can turn the temperature down across the building and it will still remain warm. This ensures that you’ll be using less energy - and paying for less energy too.

Buy from local businesses

There are corporate social responsibility bonuses in supporting local supplier communities and making your buying choices from businesses that are geographically close to yours. Plus, you’ll be reducing the number of miles that supplies have to cover to get to you and minimising carbon footprint as a result.

Rethink business travel

Especially now that the pandemic has shown us how effective video conferencing etc can be, can you rethink how often employees are circling the globe, or traveling by car or plane to other offices and clients? 

Reducing carbon footprint requires a series of small steps - and these are some that any business can take to make a difference.

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