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Equipping your Staff will Improve your Security

So often we overestimate the knowledge of our workforce.  We assume all of our employees have a good understanding of Data Protection and are adamant to be secure. Alas, this is rarely the case. Your average worker will have little to no knowledge on Data Protection and certainly won’t pay much attention to security. Shred-on-Site is urging managers and owners nationwide to equip their team with the paper shredding know-how and facilities. This will enable them to be proficient in maintaining your companies’ security obligations. 

Here are four points which should be communicated when informing your staff of why paper shredding is vital: 

Compliance with the Data Protection Act

The Data protection Act stipulates that all businesses must shred their documents before disposing of them. This keeps all confidential information secure and away from fraudulent activities – safeguarding staff, customers and the business. To avoid large and unwanted fines, we must be shredding our data. Otherwise avoidable scenarios may well occur leaving a bitter aftertaste. 

Preventing expensive security breaches

A security breach is a costly, damaging and an exhausting incident for any business to recover from, regardless of size. It’s more than just the theft from bank accounts that hurts; it’s the effect that these instances can have on other areas of the business. Brand image will be smeared - a poor reputation will affect sales and profit margins. Another concern is the disciplinary action required against employees whose negligence caused the breach in question. 

It is evident that the damages from a security breach reach far beyond our pockets and into our personal lives. These stress inducing difficulties can have a drastic effect about how we feel at work and at home. When it’s so easily preventable then we must make it a priority to actually prevent it. 

Environmentally friendly

The environment factor is the final driver to making your team see the value of staying secure. It’s important to recycle and be responsible how we operate in a business environment. This is not new information; but staff will appreciate the benefits to recycling. When paper is shredded it is far safer and easier to recycle.

Doesn’t take long

The last hurdle most businesses have in convincing their team to take ownership of security, is the time consumption the paper shredding process takes. We are all so busy, and rarely have the time to pause and shred paper. It’s for this reason paper shredding services like Shred-on-Site exist. Our procedures are designed to be secure, efficient and easy to use. This helps you comply with legislation and only a minimal time investment is required. By installing a receptacle to collect waste documents, staff have needn’t stress of shredding things themselves. This allows a workforce to be more focused on the task at hand whilst protecting the security of the business.  

There we have it - knowledge is power. Leave a comment below if you have any further questions or points regarding the topics discussed in this article.

Author: Mark Coombes, Follow me on Google+

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