How green is using outsourced shredding partner?

Sustainability has become a serious concern for every business today, even those that don’t operate in industries such as energy or construction. Every organisation has an impact on the environment so there are always steps that can be taken to minimise this. That could be investing in greener power sources, more environmentally sound supply chain partners - or dealing with your paper waste by working with a secure shredding partner. Below are just some of the opportunities that working with a shredding partner can create for your business when it comes to having a more positive impact where sustainability and the environment are concerned.

Shredding documents saves trees

Trees are absolutely essential to our world and yet we often take them for granted. Tree roots can help to avoid soil erosion and provide food and shelter for animals and insects. They also have a key role to play in creating a healthy environment for humans, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen for us to breathe. We go through vast numbers of trees every year in order to create new paper products and this can be incredibly damaging for the environments that they are removed from. It can also involve a lot of international transport - and consequent pollution - that could be avoided by using materials closer to home. Shredding creates an alternative to using new trees as a production material, meaning that we can avoid cutting so many down.

Recycle and reuse

There are more than 5,000 products that can be created from recycled paper and this can help to avoid the costs of a brand new product. When you work with a shredding partner your shredded paper waste will end up being recycled to create many of these products. Everything, from paper napkins to coffee filters and masking tape can be made from recycled paper, putting a waste product to good use and avoiding the need to destroy more natural resources to create products from scratch. Working with a shredding partner guarantees that your shredding waste is going to end up in the right place and is more likely to be able to make a difference.

Minimising what goes to landfill

If you’re not working with a shredding partner then it’s likely that your paper waste is ending up in a landfill. Given the significant volume of paper that can be generated every day by just a single business, this can mean a lot of waste being sent by your business to local landfill sites. This is the opposite of green as it can mean that the paper in a landfill site has to be destroyed, for example by using fuels that are not environmentally sound. So, by simply working with a shredding partner you can not only minimise what ends up in landfill but also the energy usage and pollution that could be involved in the process of destruction elsewhere.

From avoiding dumping large amounts of waste in landfill to helping to save trees through recycled products these are just some of the ways that using an outsourced shredding partner can make your business greener. At Shred-on-Site we recycle all the paper that we shred (preventing any paper from going to a landfill) and we issue you with an Environmental Certificate at the end of each year stating your contribution. We also utilise up to date, faster-shredding machines that use fewer fossil fuels which is all part of our drive to become more environmentally friendly.

For more information get in touch with the Shred on Site team today to request a quote for your shredding needs on 0800 181 4106, or you can request an online quote and we will gladly support you.

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