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How Mobile Shredding works

Mobile shredding is becoming increasingly popular. Particularly in recent times when flexibility has been a core requirement to many business services, opting for a mobile shredding partner makes a lot of sense. So, how does it work and what are the benefits for your organisation in choosing mobile shredding for the business?

Mobile shredding - the basics

Mobile shredding is a very simple concept - an industrial grade shredder comes to your premises rather than documents, data media or hard drives being transported to a shredding plant. When your business opts for mobile shredding this is how it works:

  • You’re provided with locked consoles in which the material for shredding can be securely stored.
  • A schedule is agreed with the shredding partner so that the mobile shredding truck will arrive at your business on certain times and days.
  • When the appointed day arrives the consoles are emptied directly into the mobile shredder while it is still at your premises and their contents destroyed on the spot.
  • As the consoles are emptied into the shredder the material inside them is slashed by large blades before being fed between shredding teeth and turned into 4 - 16mm particles.
  • A mobile shredding service will make several stops before returning to the depot where the shredded material will be baled ready to be taken to a paper mill.

The benefits of mobile shredding

Improving data security. Secure shredding is a complete process that leaves no identifiable data behind. Once your documents etc have been processed through a mobile shredding truck they will be completely inaccessible - this is one of the most secure ways to handle data destruction if you need this to be as secure as possible. As the shredding takes place on the premises this minimises the potential for any documents etc to go astray and ensures that no one can interfere with your items between leaving your possession and being destroyed.

  • Ensuring compliance. When you work with a mobile shredder you will get a Certificate of Destruction, providing a transparent chain of custody for data that you can use whether for audit purposes or to provide evidence of effective data handling for the GDPR.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of your business. Shredding trucks work as they go and can take in multiple stops in a day, which is a much more environmentally friendly option than each business sending their own documents to be shredded elsewhere independently.
  • A convenient service. If you want to free up time and resources within the business a mobile shredding partner is a great way to do it. This is a task that will no longer need to be handled in-house and as the mobile shredding service comes to you it requires minimal input or organisation within your business to ensure that shredding takes place.

Mobile shredding provides a quick and convenient way to fulfil legal obligations for effective data destruction and to ensure that your business is always on top of its shredding needs. From improving security to minimising environmental impact there are many benefits to opting for mobile shredding for your business.

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