How the Shredding process works from desk to destruction

Shredding is an essential part of operations for any organisation today. Ensuring that data that has been printed out onto paper documents are being properly disposed of is vital to avoid issues with a security breach or a lack of compliance. Secure shredding helps to protect your business’ data - and that of your customers and employees - and provides peace of mind in terms of security. But how does the shredding process actually work from desk to destruction?

Step 1 - Lockable Consoles

The question of what to do with documents that contain sensitive data is one that every business faces. The option of leaving paper piled up behind locked doors simply isn’t an option anymore. Not only does this create a fire hazard but it’s a security risk too. So, the first step is to create a system for storing paper waste so that it is ready to be shredded. A good shredding partner will provide your business with lockable consoles that will keep paper and files secure before destruction can take place.

Step 2 - Find a shredding partner

The simplest and most secure option for shredding is a professional partner with experience in delivering effective destruction for every client. You can opt for a local business or a nationwide network with the resources to come and carry out the shredding on site at your premises. Ask questions about what happens to shredded materials after the process has been carried out as well as the proof of destruction that is provided.

Step 3 - Schedule on-site shredding

On-site shredding provides optimum security because the documents and data you’re looking to protect never leave the premises. Instead, your shredding partner will come and complete the shredding on-site and you’ll be able to see exactly how this works and to ensure that sensitive data is being fully destroyed if that’s the reassurance that you need.

Step 4 -  Receive proof of documents shredded

Once the process is over your shredding partner will be able to provide you with a certificate of destruction relating to the documents that have now been destroyed. This can be crucial not just for your own records but also when it comes to proving chain of custody and demonstrating the efforts that your business is taking to keep data secure.

Step 5 - Boost your green credentials

Work with a shredding partner with sustainability in mind and your unwanted document waste will end up at a recycling plant. This transforms your unwanted papers into a brand new product and the process of doing that also provides an extra layer of reassurance about the destruction process. Plus, you’re committed to better waste management and avoiding contributing to landfill, which will give your green credentials a boost.

Document shredding seems like a simple process but the only way to ensure that it’s truly secure is to partner with a professional shredding service. That way you will have a guarantee that the data you’re looking to protect is completely destroyed and the peace of mind of knowing that this convenient process is in safe hands.

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