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Protecting your obsolete sensitive data by using our secure shredding services

While paper-free may be the goal today, the reality for most offices is that there is still significant reliance on physical documents. This can create a vulnerability for the business where documents are not being properly disposed of, as the sensitive data that they contain could easily fall into the wrong hands. Protecting your obsolete sensitive data by using our secure shredding services minimises the potential for identity theft, loss of key business information or being in breach of data protection legislation - and improves peace of mind, both for you and your customers and clients.

Securing key business information

Every business generates data and this can vary in terms of how sensitive it is. However, even something as simple as a planning document can contain confidential information that could be used against the business or the people within it if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Security risks can arise from documents that appear to be a low threat and where this affects individuals it could leave a business facing sizable fines and penalties as a result of a lack of legal compliance. There is one simple way to ensure that you secure all the information that your business generates - use a shredding service like ours when it comes to disposal. We can not only ensure that your obsolete sensitive data is fully destroyed so that it can no longer present a threat to the business but we can also help you to identify which documents are affected and put a regular shredding schedule in place.

Improving business efficiency and reducing costs

Switching to a shredding service could save around 17% of the costs of dealing with this in-house. As new regulation has been introduced it has become increasingly important for every organisation to have robust procedures in place to protect data and this can be time-consuming. Working with a shredding service provider means that planning and execution is taken out of your hands and you and your staff can focus on core business matters instead. This is also a great way to improve the eco-efficiency of your business as shredded documents are recycled and don’t end up in a landfill.

Proof of compliance

The way your business handles sensitive data could come under close inspection, particularly since the introduction of the GDPR, which raised standards in this area. It’s essential to be able to provide proof that your organisation has taken all possible steps to ensure compliance has taken place. Working with a shredding service means you’ll get proof of destruction, which you can provide to any authority investigating your process, as well as any customers or clients who want to see how their data has been dealt with.

Securing personal information

There are up to 80,000 cases of identity theft every year in the UK and this figure continues to rise. Personal information is a key target for identity thieves who will look to take it from any source where it is being made available, including obsolete documents. Using our secure shredding services means that the threat of identity theft is considerably reduced as all documents containing sensitive information are effectively destroyed.

These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense for any business today to protect obsolete sensitive data by using our secure shredding services.

To learn more about how Shred on Site’s secure shredding services can help protect your obsolete confidential information get in touch for a no-obligation quote either by calling us on 0800 181 4106 or you can obtain a quote here.

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