Shred on Site is BS EN 15713 certified but what does that mean for you?

Working with an on-site shredding provider that is BS EN 15713 certified is an essential part of ensuring that you are getting a reliable service that will keep your business compliant. This is a standard that relates to both service delivery and customer satisfaction and provides reassurance that you’re getting the right level of support where the destruction of confidential information is concerned.

What is a BS EN 15713 certification?

It’s an industry standard that applies to companies that destroy confidential information. It is designed to create a framework of key conditions that have at their heart maintaining the security of information. One of the advantages of BS EN 15713 is that it creates an industry norm and a standard that customers can hold service partners to when it comes to the destruction of confidential information. Where a company has a BS EN 15713 certification, there are processes in place that ensure it is disposing of confidential waste in a secure, controlled manner and that this is being regularly monitored via ongoing external audits.

How is BS EN 15713 certification achieved?

The process involves being assessed for compliance - where there are areas of non-compliance with the standard, improvements are made and a manual is compiled. Compulsory procedures and internal procedures are combined in the manual, which will provide a framework for the business so that a comprehensive approach to ensuring the destruction of confidential information is in place.

What does a BS EN 15713 mean for you?

Shred on Site is BS EN 15713 certified, which means that the business is adhering to the key framework and best practices required when it comes to disposing of your confidential shredding waste in a secure, controlled manner. This means that the business is working to a specific and traceable framework with respect to securely disposing of confidential waste and is completely compliant, especially when it comes to information security. It also ensures that the business is working to specific standards for recycling, putting a proactive environmental approach at the top of the agenda. This has some very specific benefits for our customers, including:

  • Enhancing your own corporate social responsibility contribution. Shred on Site prioritises environmental responsibilities and takes a transparent and sustainable path wherever possible. You will be partnering with a business that focuses on the environment as much as you do, which will boost your own CSR.
  • Peace of mind. There can be some serious consequences for any business that doesn’t take steps to carefully dispose of confidential information, from reputational damage to financial penalties. When you’re working with an organisation certified for adhering to a recognised standard you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the process is in safe hands.
  • Creating a formalised policy of document disposal. Through partnering with Shred on Site your business will be able to show a clear commitment to information security compliance and a chain of custody of documents should you ever need to prove this.

Shred on Site’s BS EN 15713 certification has some appreciable benefits for all our customers.

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