The importance of Shredding Obsolete documents

Today, one in five data breaches involves paper. This is a statistic that often shocks, as we tend to assume that data breaches are only happening on a digital level. However, the range of documents that can contain sensitive and confidential data is broad and this creates the kind of vulnerability that requires a positive action plan in order to avoid a range of consequences, from a legal breach to reputational damage. If you want to ensure that your business is completely covered then shredding obsolete documents is going to be key.

Why is it so important to shred obsolete documents?

Minimising risks to data

Paper theft can open the door to identity theft and fraud but that’s not the only potential implication. Documents containing passwords etc can also provide a way for fraudsters to go on to commit digital system breaches too.

Ensuring legal compliance

When the GDPR arrived in 2018 it made safeguarding data non-negotiable. There are some hefty fines and penalties that are applied to businesses that aren’t compliant with its rules on ensuring that data - whether it is customer data, business or employee data - don’t fall into the wrong hands. The only way to ensure total protection for the business is to have an obsolete document shredding policy in place.

A clear audit trail

Whether for the purposes of legal compliance or building trust with customers or shareholders, if you’re regularly shredding obsolete documents with a reputable confidential shredding provider then you’ll be able to clearly show how documents have been handled and destroyed. You’ll get a certification of document destruction that will stand up to investigation, compliance requirements or corporate social responsibility standards.

Improving sustainability performance

Working with a shredding partner to ensure your obsolete documents are destroyed gives you options when it comes to environmental commitment too. Once the shredding process has taken place, the waste is then sent to a licensed paper mill in the UK so that it can be recycled and reused. Given that 17 trees are saved for every tonne of recycled paper used, you could make a big difference simply by switching to a regular shredding commitment.

Maximum security for your data

Shredding obsolete documents means that they are being completely destroyed, especially if you’re working with a shredding partner with an industrial shredder. There is no scope for documents, or part of documents, to be retrieved and put your business at risk. The shredding process is fast and can be scheduled regularly so that you’re never struggling with a build-up of paper around the building. Plus, working with a shredding partner gives you options in terms of what you’re shredding. Paper is likely to make up the bulk of what you need to shred but you can also safely dispose of other items, from hard drives to USB sticks.

These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to commit to shredding your obsolete documents. Working with a shredding partner can help save time and money and provide the peace of mind of knowing that the process is in safe hands.

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