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In these times of great uncertainty and different ways of working Shred-on-Site can offer a bespoke service to homeworkers that will cater for specific confidential shredding requirements. Being regarded as an essential service we have continued to work throughout this pandemic and all of our drivers are well versed in operating within the Government guidelines of social distancing, continual cleansing and the wearing of PPE.
All we will require is your post code, an approximate volume of the material, be it paper or media, that needs shredding and we can let you know costs and availability.
Should you require any further information please contact us.

Shredding Process

The Office Shredder has Hidden Dangers

Paper shredding is by no means regarded as an extreme activity. In-fact, it is often overlooked. This leads to an excessively relaxed and an unjustified confidence when operating paper shredders. Regrettably, this casual approach is causing thousands of injuries every year.

In a previous article I touched upon the hidden dangers of your regular office shredder which can be found here. I would now like to go deeper and find out how, what and why the common office shredder is causing more injuries than ever before. 

A massive two thousand people where notably wounded by a paper shredder in 2003. Most of the sustained injuries were caused by a lack of attention when using the machinery. Lacerations and severed fingers are the most common injuries sustained. 

I imagine accidently jamming your finger into the recommended yet notoriously dangerous cross cut shredder would cause excessive amounts of pain. Due to the top heavy and hollow base on the machine, they are also likely to capsize. When wearing lightweight office shoes, the hefty machines carry enough weight to cause breaks and fractures. More worryingly, businesses based at home are exposing unsuspecting children to serious harm.  

How to combat these hazards

You can comply with the Data Protection Act whilst adhering to Health and Safety legislations without compromising either. Using document shredding specialists like Shred-on-Site dispels the need for your normal office shredder. It means you can comply with the law, improve your security and be eco-friendly all at once. 

By releasing the pressures and requirements of your paper shredding to a third party, you are protecting yourself against lawsuits, saving money and creating piece of mind. Alongside these benefits, we can also avoid seeing a severed finger – which I’m sure you will agree, is reason enough by itself.

Shred-on-Site is dedicated to improving our nation’s security, environment, compliance and safety. We’re taking stands against avoidable risks, such as binning confidential data or operating dangerous machinery. Contact us today and join the fight against injuries and theft. 

Author: Mark Coombes, Follow me at Google+

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