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The Security Implications to Shredding Off-Site

Paper shredding confidential data is more than simply complying with the law – it is protecting you from fraud and theft. Data related crimes are on the rise and so too is the amount of data we’re creating. We need to be sure that we protecting this data by disposing of it correctly and consistently.

The difference between On-Site and Off-Site

On-site paper shredding is a secure service, where the document destruction happens at your premises. A mobile shredding vehicle will visit you on the days where you arrange for a regular collection or for a one off visit to destroy sensitive data. You can watch the process happen to ensure a high quality of work is performed.

Off-site paper shredding is a service where the operative collects your confidential information and proceeds to an external facility for the shredding process. This hands off approach to security has benefited many business in the past but has also caused substantial backlashes for others.

The Risk to Shred it Off-Site

It’s one thing to trust a third-party like Shred-on-Site to handle your confidential information, it’s another thing entirely to allow an external resource destroy your data without your supervision. This can be a huge security threat and end up with disastrous consequences. There are many legitimate off-site shredding services that will perform their duties to a high and secure standard. At the same time there are less trustworthy parties, who will abuse their position.

This means; security numbers, bank details, conversations with clients, bank statements etc. are exposed to potential criminal activity. Imagine how dangerous and valuable information about your clients would be to your competitors and how vulnerable your bank accounts would be.

Why am I Saying This?

The motivation behind writing this article isn’t to misplace your trust in your local off-site paper shredding service, but it is to make you think about security. Can you really entrust a third party to take your documents off-site and out of your control?  To protect the time and resources we invest into our businesses, security needs to be a catered priority. A security breach could instantly undermine your success, efforts and reputation. It’s not worth the risk being slack with security, especially when there are so many viable solutions available to assist you.

Shred-on-site is the UK’s largest independent paper shredding company with sites throughout England, Scotland and Wales. We implement our years of experience and expertise to guarantee the security and efficiency of our mastered trade. So much so, our Managing Director is now a chairman for the BSI to help them set the standards all information destruction companies should be meeting. The hallmark of quality is calling for the knowledge of our teams. 

If you have any further questions or would like to find out how Shred-on-Site can help your business; leave a comment below or give us a call today. 

Author: Mark Coombes, Follow me at Google+

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