What should you be shredding if you are at school, university or college?

Although paperwork is inevitable if you are a school, university, or college, the risk that can arise from not carefully disposing of it isn’t something that you need to expose your institution to. Working with a reliable confidential shredding partner will ensure that you’re not left vulnerable when it comes to sensitive data and confidential information - and that your internal admin is organised and compliant.

What do you need to shred?

Information about students.

Every educational institution is required to keep records of students - and these will need to be retained for a while even after they leave. However, there will come a point where that information is no longer necessary, or has been digitised, and any documents containing personal data on former students need to be safely disposed of. 

Data that relates to your staff.

Staff records are another key resource for a school, university or college - they can help keep track of your current workforce and provide essential information for recruitment. However, when staff leave - or a certain period of time expires after they have started their employment contract - you will need to ensure that you’re not holding on to old data that could leave people vulnerable in the wrong hands. Staff records contain very sensitive data and cannot simply be recycled - they should always be securely shredded beforehand.

Financial records and administrative documents.

Your institution will no doubt have an internal system for managing administrative documents and financial records. When these become redundant they must be safely disposed of so that they don’t end up somewhere that they shouldn’t. If you’re looking to go through the process of digitisation and moving these kinds of records into the more accessible space of the cloud then make sure you have a system in place for destroying the paper versions of that data. The worst case scenario is that they are simply left in boxes for anyone to access - far better to use a secure shredding partner and ensure that they are completely destroyed.

Old technical equipment.

Even if you have wiped a staff laptop or computer hard drive there may still be data stored in there that you can’t get to through conventional means. The simplest way to ensure that no one can access that data is to destroy the equipment via a secure shredding partner.

CCTV recordings.

You may have an obligation to hold on to these for a certain period of time but when that deadline passes it’s essential that any recordings are destroyed to ensure that they’re no longer available.

Digital storage devices.

Like old laptops and hard drives, there is no way to completely wipe a memory stick or floppy disk, especially if you no longer have the technology to access them. Shredding is the fastest and most effective method of ensuring that every piece of data in those storage devices is completely inaccessible.

If you’re a school, university or college then these are the basic items that you need to ensure you’re shredding on a regular basis.

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