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Why having an end of year clear out is beneficial for your business

Getting to the end of another financial year is a good reason to stop and take stock. Over the past 12 months, there has been a great deal of chaos and change for many businesses and now is the ideal moment to reflect on the positives and the learning. It’s also an essential time to get rid of everything that you no longer need, to clear out old piles of files and utilise a paper shredder service and ensure that your business is streamlined and secure going into the next financial year. An end of financial year clear out has four key benefits for any organisation.

Make better use of space

There is no doubt that paper documents and files take up a lot of room. While many offices are aiming for a paper-free environment for most this has yet to materialise and that means lots of boxes and filing cabinets to store all this excess paper in. An end of year clean out provides the opportunity to free up this space in your office and use it for something more productive. Perhaps this frees up a document storage room to be used for other purposes - or simply makes existing spaces roomier. Either way, an end of year clear out can provide more options in terms of how you use your space.

Improving efficiency

Clutter can be a big problem in office environments. It’s not just poor in terms of aesthetics but can also make simple tasks much more difficult. For example, searching for a file or folder can take twice as long and employees may find this a bit depressing to have to do. An end of year clear out where all the documents no longer required are safely shredded helps to reduce clutter and make it easier for staff to do their jobs

Optimum mindset

We’re coming into the season where things still feel a little sluggish after winter and for many people this will be compounded by returning back to work after months in lockdown. A dusty, messy office environment with lots of paper and stacked boxes won’t contribute to the motivation and enthusiasm that will make your business hit the ground running again. An end of year clear out can make space for you to upgrade your interiors so that they are streamlined and clutter-free - an inspiring space for anyone to be in and one that fosters the optimum productive mindset.

Ensuring compliance

Privacy and data security are top of the agenda in the business world today. Financial documents and records, in particular, contain some of the most sensitive information in any organisation and unwanted documents that are not properly destroyed at year-end can create a serious risk for the business. The fastest and simplest way to handle this part of your end of year clear out is with on-site shredding, where your financial records are completely destroyed by a shredding partner without ever leaving the premises. An FSA approved method of document destruction - as used by Shred-on-Site - ensures that the highest security standards are met and your business can enter the new financial year confident of compliance.

Having an end of year clear out is a great way to prepare your business for the next 12 months.

If your business is having an end of year clear out and you need a secure way of disposing of obsolete paper documents, IT equipment (like hard drives), old uniforms or branding material get in touch with our regional offices, or alternatively, try our online quoting tool  



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