Why is secure document shredding important for the accounting and financial sector?

Secure shredding has become a key process for any business today. However, for accounting and financial sector enterprises it’s particularly essential. Inadvertently obtained financial data, whether it is lost or stolen, can do huge reputational damage and there are some significant regulatory consequences for failing to ensure minimum quality standards when it comes to document disposal. So, for any organisation operating in this sector, it’s important to ensure that existing shredding processes have the following covered.

A shredding process that is 100% secure

There are some fairly stringent rules for businesses in the financial and accounting sector when it comes to data breach. If this occurs then there may be financial penalties, as well as the obligation to disclose the issue and the extent of the breach. This can have severe consequences in terms of customer and client trust, as well as the financial implications that can arise. Ensuring existing processes are as secure as they can be is an essential part of avoiding data breach.

Data protection compliance

Since the introduction of the GDPR, data protection has moved straight to the top of the agenda. The Information Commissioner’s Office now has the power to impose huge penalties where data protection processes are lacking and has introduced a myriad of rules with respect to processing and handling data. This applies to documents as much as digital sources. Integrating a secure document shredding process helps to keep compliance at the top of the organisation’s agenda and avoid costly regulatory errors.

Peace of mind

In an accounting and financial sector business there is a lot to consider, not just in terms of ensuring that the business grows and remains profitable but also that it stays within the law. A secure document shredding process means that there is one less thing to worry about when it comes to how physical data is disposed of by the business. Working with a secure shredding provider removes the responsibility for handling shredding from in-house and instead puts it in the hands of experts with years of experience and efficient equipment so that the job is always completed to the highest quality.

Finding the right shredding partner

Secure document shredding for the financial and accounting sector isn’t something that every shredding partner can provide. In particular it’s important to find a partner able to:

  • Offer a comprehensive, consistent and high quality service. This relates to everything, from the reliability of mobile shredding pick ups to the thoroughness of the shredding.
  • Be transparent. In particular, for those businesses looking to improve social responsibility and eco credentials, it’s key to find a shredding partner that recycles shredded materials.
  • Offer more than just documents. There could be a myriad of other items that require shredding, from ID cards to badges and memory sticks. Finding a shredding partner able to handle both documents and media can make a big difference.

Secure document shredding is crucial for any business in the financial and accounting sector, both to protect the company and to ensure its future growth.

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