Why use shredding consoles for your business and why is it necessary?

Shredding consoles provide optimum security for any items that are waiting to be destroyed. They are space-efficient, lockable, and will minimise the risk of any confidential or sensitive data falling into the wrong hands before you have the opportunity to destroy it. If you’re looking to ensure that your shredding process is more efficient and also more secure then shredding consoles are going to be vital for your business.

What are shredding consoles?

Shredding consoles are freestanding cabinets with a lockable door and a letterbox opening through which documents can be deposited into the console. They are secure wooden consoles where your business can store confidential materials that are due for destruction via secure shredding. Each one is designed to be secure and to fit easily within the space restrictions that many office spaces have. Shredding consoles are usually accessible from the front and provide the optimum way to organise materials that have been earmarked for confidential shredding.

Why use shredding consoles in your business?

To help organise materials for secure shredding.

The use of shredding consoles means that anything that has been set aside to be shredded can be organised in one single, central place. Staff know exactly where to deposit those items and the process is much easier to organise. It’s simpler to enforce clear desk policies and there is a transparent chain of custody in terms of where documents end up.

No pointless filing.

Archives can be difficult to manage and often papers are needlessly filed. You can save time and space by using shredding consoles and disposing of unwanted documents instead.

Keeping your data secure.

85% of data breaches occur within an organisation. Shredding consoles are lockable and secure - once documents etc are in the console they will only be accessible when the time comes for them to be shredded. This is increasingly essential for every business today, especially given the stringent restrictions relating to data protection that were introduced by the GDPR. This regulation sets out significant fines for poor handling of data - including that in documents, on USBs etc - and there are no excuses for not ensuring that the process of destruction is being effectively managed.

They are space-efficient.

Access to shredding consoles is from the front so they have a usable workspace on the top. Each one has been designed to take up as little floor space as possible and to be space-efficient for any office.

And time-efficient…

Using shredding consoles means staff can simply deposit redundant documents and carry on with their day. There is no need to do the shredding themselves or spend time removing files, paperclips etc.

Why is the use of shredding consoles so necessary?

It’s become widely accepted that shredding is a key part of data security - and an organised and efficient office space - today. Shredding consoles are the easiest way to ensure that you’re optimising this process, implementing accountability, and putting in place secure measures to protect your business, its clients, and employees.

Shredding consoles are a vital part of the process of committing to transparency and secure document destruction to ensure your business is both organised and compliant.

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