Why work with Shred on Site for your Shredding needs?

From data protection compliance to operational efficiency, on-site shredding caters to a number of key business requirements. Working with a business like Shred on Site ensures that you can stay in control of document destruction, optimise the way that the process is organised, and have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve covered all your bases where transparency and security are concerned. This is what working with Shred on Site for all your shredding needs can achieve.

Guaranteed security.

The Shred on Site team are all checked and vetted and will ensure complete protection for your documents. We provide lockable consoles so that items can be kept securely before they are shredded. Plus, as the shredding is done on-site at your business there is minimal opportunity for any kind of security breach to occur.

It’s not just about paper.

At Shred on Site, we can effectively destroy paper files and documents - but that’s not all. You can also use our service to safely destroy many other items, including digital media, company identification badges, old uniforms, and old branded goods that you no longer need.

Take the pressure off your staff in-house.

Many businesses assume that they can easily handle their own shredding needs in-house. However, this can take up valuable staff time and divert your employees away from what you’re actually paying them to do. Plus, office shredders have much lower capacity than the shredders we use - and are very vulnerable to paperclips, staples, etc - so the process can become incredibly time-consuming. Working with Shred on Site means we can quickly deal with documents, even with the staples still in, in as little as 15 minutes, and your staff can use their time to add value to the business elsewhere.

We offer a more environmentally friendly option.

Our mobile shredders take into account the most fuel-efficient pick-up options when it comes to reaching clients. Plus, we ensure that all documents that are shredded are recycled. This means that your business is contributing less to landfill and helping to provide new, more sustainable material for products like toilet paper.

Organise your document destruction more effectively.

When you work with Shred on Site you can create a schedule for shredding so that your document destruction is more organised. This means no more piles of paper building up around the office and a significant reduction in security risk because documents for shredding are kept in lockable consoles. You can book your shredding whenever it suits you so that it’s easy to stay organised and clutter-free.

The process is simple.

Our mobile shredder will arrive on-site at your premises, shred your documents and then take everything away so that it can be reused and repurposed. You’ll get a Certificate of Destruction that will show how your documents have been destroyed and provide evidence for any compliance purposes.

From improving security to increasing sustainability, these are just some of the reasons to work with Shred on Site for all your shredding needs.

Get in touch with us today to request a quote for all your shredding needs, whether that’s a one-off service or setting up a regular service. Why not try our online tool.

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