Why you should be considering using a shredding partner for obsolete records

Shredding has become an essential part of business operations today. Whether you’re keen to improve the efficiency of your business - or to ensure that it is compliant with regulation such as the GDPR - integrating shredding is going to be essential. This is especially important when it comes to obsolete records that could be a goldmine of personal and sensitive data if they are not properly disposed of. But why would you use a shredding partner for the process?

Minimise Costs

If you’re going to carry the burden of shredding in-house then there are lots of costs to consider. The upfront cost of equipment and machinery can be very high and that’s before you factor in ongoing maintenance and replacement. It will also be essential to have someone operating the shredding machines and this will generate a cost, whether it’s a dedicated member of staff or employees taking time out from their regular tasks to do it. Working with a shredding partner removes this cost burden and replaces it with one single, regular, affordable payment for a reliable service.

Managing the responsibility of shredding

When the responsibility for shredding obsolete records is yours it’s essential to make sure that you stay on top of the process. If you don't and there is an issue that arises from the records that haven’t been properly disposed of this could create complex problems and heavy financial penalties for the business to bear. Shredding needs to be carried out regularly and in such a way that your business is never sitting on piles of obsolete records that could present a security risk. Mistakes can be frequent when this is dealt with in-house but handing over the responsibility to a secure shredding partner creates peace of mind.

Dealing with the necessities of on-site shredding

Shredding equipment can take up a lot of space and has the potential to create lots of health and safety hazards too. Employees could get hair or jewellery stuck in a large shredder and you may find that your shredder is releasing particles into the air that are inhaled and causing problems for staff. Plus, if you’re trying to deal with shredding in-house you will bear the responsibility for disposing of the material that has been shredded and ensuring that this is done in a safe and secure way. Working with a shredding partner can remove all this from your plate, from issues with the equipment to what to do with shredded materials - the equipment is not your responsibility and your shredding partner will ensure the paper waste ends up at a recycling facility.

Many office shredders simply aren't secure

If you’re carrying out shredding on-site at your office then you most likely have a fairly standard office shredder. These can be very inefficient when it comes to document destruction and may leave documents in an accessible state. You may also find that they are not robust enough for some materials and that they frequently break down or get jammed. Whether your focus is on reducing costs or increasing security, it makes a lot of sense to use a secure shredding partner for your obsolete records.

If you are looking to shred your obsolete records in a secure manner get in touch with Shred-on-Site today to request a quote for all your shredding needs, whether that’s a one-off visit or set up a regular collection. Call our team on 0800 181 4106 or request an online quote.


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