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Why you should destroy old uniforms securely?

If uniforms are part of your business, then they make up a key element in brand identity. Consumers who see your uniforms on staff will instantly make the connection with your organisation, which is why it’s essential to ensure that your uniforms aren’t being used by anyone else. Although many businesses today have introduced strict policies on destruction of sensitive and confidential data, as well as old tech, plans, designs and prototypes, often the same can’t be said for uniforms. If you use this kind of visual branding in your business these are some of the reasons why you need to make sure that it is being securely destroyed when it is no longer in use.

Minimise your security risk

Uniform’s mark someone out as an employee - or at least a part of the business - and this instantly creates a sense of trust. If old uniforms are still owned by disgruntled staff or outsiders who want something from the business, they can be a simple way to gain physical access to premises or to give the impression that someone is a trusted member of your team. That could pose a security risk to your business - a number of recent crimes have been committed by ex-employees still in uniform. It could also create problems with your customers if your uniformed team is going into people’s homes - the uniform could be a ticket through the door for someone who shouldn’t be there.

Ensure you don’t damage your brand reputation

Brand reputation can give your business visibility and attract customers to you, whatever your industry. It’s something that takes a lot of work to establish but which can be damaged very quickly. It’s not worth taking chances with your brand reputation because there are many negative outcomes that could result from this, including bad press and losing customers as a result. If you don’t destroy old uniforms securely then you could be opening your brand up to damage to its reputation. Anything that is done by anyone wearing one of your uniforms will reflect on your business, whether or not that person is actually a member of staff or should even be wearing the uniform in the first place. You can keep uniformed employees accountable thanks to their contractual obligations and workplace policies but anyone else has no such tie to the business so it’s essential that they’re not able to misrepresent your organisation via its uniforms.

Fraud and identity theft

Uniforms often function as a way of identifying company employees and this is something that could be used by someone who is looking to commit fraud, steal or engage in other crimes. Someone in your organisation’s uniform could, for example, pick up a shipment or package and then just take it. They could potentially place an order with a supplier or take cash from a customer and leave your business liable for the outcome.

Uniforms are a great way to create an identity for your business. For these reasons it’s essential that, when they are no longer required, old uniforms and any branded products are disposed of securely.

If you have any uniforms or branded products that are surplus to requirements as part of a logo change or looking to dispose of them in a secure manner then get in touch with the Shred-on-Site team on 0800 181 4106 or request an online quote and we will gladly support your shredding requirements.



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