Why you should use a shredding service instead of paper shredders

Shredding has become a vital part of any office environment - it’s the only way to ensure complete destruction of sensitive data and helps to support greater operational efficiency too. However, not all shredders are equal and if you’re relying on a high street paper shredder then you could be leaving your business vulnerable. These are some of the reasons why it makes sense to opt for a shredding service instead of using paper shredders.

Time and productivity gains

Working with a shredding service is much more efficient. If you’re relying on an internal paper shredder then this needs to be operated by one or more of your staff. That can be a very time-consuming process, especially if you factor in removing staples and paperclips and removing the paper waste. It’s also a very low-skilled, manual task that is often wasting the skills and experience of your staff if they’re spending their time on it. Working with a shredding service takes the burden of the physical shredding out of the hands of your staff and makes it the responsibility of the professionals. You’ll free up time for your employees to add value elsewhere and have the peace of mind of knowing that your documents are being efficiently dealt with by industrial shredding kit.

Paper shredders can be difficult equipment

If you’ve ever used an office paper shredder you will no doubt have spent a considerable amount of time trying to deal with a paper jam at some point. Or trying to work out why the shredder has overheated - or why the blades are suddenly not as sharp as they were. Investing in paper shredders for your office isn’t just about the upfront cost but also all the ongoing maintenance that comes with ensuring that this equipment is fit for use. If a shredder in your office breaks down then you may simply let confidential documents start to build up and this can be a disaster in terms of data security. Working with a shredding service means you’re not responsible for the shredders themselves and you can simply pay for the cost of the service.

Security is as high as it can be

When you partner with a shredding service you will ensure that your business is doing everything it can to protect all kinds of data and remain compliant with regulation such as the GDPR. You won’t have to rely on employees to complete the shredding process - or dispose of the paper waste. Instead a shredding partner will provide lockable consoles so that your documents are secure even before they have been shredded - and you’ll get a certificate of destruction to show that everything has been compliantly managed, from the start of the shredding process to recycling your paper waste at the end.

If you value your data security and want to ensure the highest standards of compliance for your business it makes a lot of sense to get rid of the office shredders and partner with a professional shredding service instead.

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