Is Shredding & Recycling paper secure?

When it comes to disposing of documents and paper, shredding and recycling is an incredibly secure process. For any organisation focused on ensuring that compliance is implemented when it comes to data protection - and that the most cost effective and convenient measures are in place - secure document shredding and recycling is the obvious choice.

A brief history of secure paper shredding services...

Secure paper shredding services have a much more extensive history than many people imagine. While the mechanised shredders of today might be a thorough modern invention, the need to effectively destroy confidential papers has been around for decades. Whether it’s to protect corporate data or the interests of individuals, this brief history of secure paper shredding services shows just how important this objective has always been.

As a business, how can you reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint is a vital part of business strategy today. Clients and customers look for it and the only way countries will achieve net zero carbon targets is if organisations join the fight. If you’re keen to do better in 2022 when it comes to sustainability and green credentials, these are some of the steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint fairly swiftly.


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