Protecting personal and confidential information

Today, we live in a world that is data heavy, whether that data relates to your business or customers, to employees or contractors. As the volume of data has grown, so too have the penalties and problems that your organisation may face if it doesn’t have the right mechanisms in place to protect personal and confidential information. Damage to business reputation can be irreparable in the wake of a data breach and regulatory authorities have shown themselves more than willing to prosecute businesses, large and small, for non-compliance.

When is the right time to destroy records?

The way that records are managed is important, not just to ensure that your business is correctly and safely handling data but also when it comes to compliance. Most records will have a specific lifespan and it’s vital that your business deals with them properly. Where records are held for too long, or not long enough, there may be legal penalties and problems can arise with respect to business reputation. So, what do you need to consider when it comes to the right time to destroy records?

How vital is Secure Shredding and Data Destruction to the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector has come under a lot of additional pressure over the past year or so as the COVID pandemic has increased patient numbers and generated a lot of extra paperwork. Effective operational management has been a vital part of the process of ensuring smooth running of patient care and creating the resources to continue to meet demand. Shredding provides the only reliable option for ensuring data destruction for businesses across the healthcare sector, and is a vital part of both compliance and retaining patient trust.


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