Go ‘Paper-lite’ rather than ‘paper-less’

Creating a paperless environment has been much talked about in recent years. Whether that’s switching to email receipts in retail or using digital files and documents in the workplace, it’s a theme that has generated a lot of attention. However, what many are now beginning to realise is that paper still has an important role to play across industries and the solution to sustainability and efficiency concerns might be to opt for ‘paper-lite’ rather than ‘paper-less.’

Destroying Electronic Media is critical, and here’s why…

Taking steps to securely destroy data in documents and files is something that we have all become accustomed to doing. From on-site paper recycling to taking your unwanted documents to a recycling centre, it’s easy to understand the benefits of ensuring that files and folders are not left laying around - and the security risks of not doing so. But what about electronic media - why is it just as vital to ensure that you take the same precautions?

Some thoughts on how much paper gets wasted each year in the UK?

Paper currently makes up around 20% of all the waste that we throw away in the UK each year. It’s a resource that we use widely, from offices to hospitals and schools and - despite the fact that there are lots of alternative options available for disposal - much of the paper waste we generate still ends up in landfill. Given the urgency that exists to switch to a more sustainable way of living and working, what can be done about it?


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