How using a secure shredding service improves the Office

As employees return to premises and the office environment becomes crucial once again, for any employer now is the time to look for ways to improve day-to-day experiences. A secure shredding service can help to simplify the way that your business operates when it comes to one of its most basic needs - handling, and disposing of, paper and obsolete documents.

5 Indicators that you may need an Onsite Paper Shredding partner

Paper shredding is something that every business does today, with security issues and efficiency at the top of the list of reasons for implementing this in the business. However, in-house paper shredding can have many issues, from shredders that don’t fully destroy documents to those times when it just doesn’t get done and paper stacks up around the premises.

How the Shredding process works from desk to destruction

Shredding is an essential part of operations for any organisation today. Ensuring that data that has been printed out onto paper documents are being properly disposed of is vital to avoid issues with a security breach or a lack of compliance. Secure shredding helps to protect your business’ data - and that of your customers and employees - and provides peace of mind in terms of security. But how does the shredding process actually work from desk to destruction?


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