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Why you should be considering using a shredding partner for obsolete records

Shredding has become an essential part of business operations today. Whether you’re keen to improve the efficiency of your business - or to ensure that it is compliant with regulation such as the GDPR - integrating shredding is going to be essential. This is especially important when it comes to obsolete records that could be a goldmine of personal and sensitive data if they are not properly disposed of. But why would you use a shredding partner for the process?

Handling remote workers document shredding in your business

The shift to remote working has affected a huge number of businesses in the past year. Complying with the conditions of the pandemic has required a rethink of many office functions with employees not on the premises and data and documents distributed over a much wider area. Shredding has become an essential internal process for organisations in recent years, not just to dispose of paper documents in a more environmentally friendly way but also to ensure standards of security and compliance are met.