Why you should use a shredding service instead of paper shredders

Shredding has become a vital part of any office environment - it’s the only way to ensure complete destruction of sensitive data and helps to support greater operational efficiency too. However, not all shredders are equal and if you’re relying on a high street paper shredder then you could be leaving your business vulnerable. These are some of the reasons why it makes sense to opt for a shredding service instead of using paper shredders.

Handling remote workers document shredding in your business

The shift to remote working has affected a huge number of businesses in the past year. Complying with the conditions of the pandemic has required a rethink of many office functions with employees not on the premises and data and documents distributed over a much wider area. Shredding has become an essential internal process for organisations in recent years, not just to dispose of paper documents in a more environmentally friendly way but also to ensure standards of security and compliance are met.