Back in 2008, Shred-on-Site made a conscious decision to positively impact the world around us. Our vision is to be environmentally friendly but also to have a positive impact in our community across London and the South East.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shred-on-Site try our best to keep our company green through recycling and encouraging the use of public transport. We are also in the process of implementing a carbon reduction strategy to see our emissions continue to drop.

We believe in being a global citizen. It is therefore vital to maintain our integrity by paying our fair share of taxes to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. This not only keeps our records fair but also influences others to do the same. With so many of the City’s largest corporates off-shoring their financial processes to reduce their tax bill, Shred-on-Site take pride in paying the full amount and working with the government to create sustainable a sustainable business model.

Shred-on-Site is also leading the way in training and development. We employ a wide range of ex-servicemen and women and train apprentices throughout the business and encourage young inexperienced students to go through a rigorous training programme to gain the skills required to lead a positive lifestyle.

Corporate Giving

As an employer of ex-servicemen, Shred-on-Site actively promotes its Shred-for-Donations policy and we are committed to helping to raise money for this cause.

Private individuals can bring up to 5 bags or boxes of shredding to our HQ in Camberley where we will shred the materials for a donation. That's all we charge and we may even throw in a cup of tea while you wait, so give generously!