Client confidentiality is always paramount, especially in the legal sector. As the years roll by, it’s easy to accumulate a large number of confidential documents. Solicitors, Barristers and Legal Clerks can quickly become overwhelmed with documents that have expired or have been kept past the statutory period. To avoid keeping unnecessary waste and running the risk of exposing your client to potential privacy risks, it’s essential for every firm to have a Document Shredding Policy in place.

Legal Document Shredding

Shred-on-Site's document shredding service helps my practice stay compliant. Their service is fast and efficient and guarantees the secure destruction of our confidential waste. Shred-on-Site give me the peace of mind that my clients' data is secure - no matter what.
Shred-on-Site provides a dedicated solution for the legal profession that ensures your firm follows the letter of the law. With regulators demanding a greater emphasis on ethical conduct and accountability within the sector, it is vital to ensure the safeguarding of your clients’ data by securely shredding your confidential waste on-site. 
It’s easy to see how a public breach of data would result in a long lasting negative impact on a firm’s reputation; not to mention the potential loss of revenue that could be attributed to such a breach. The only guaranteed method to protect your clients’ confidential material is to shred your waste on-site. Shred-on-Site’s solution for the legal sector offers peace of mind through a fast, efficient and discreet shredding process that will protect your firm against non-compliance charges.

Why use Shred-on-Site’s Legal Shredding Service:

  1. Comply with legislation
  2. Safeguard the privacy of your clients’ data
  3. Fast, efficient and discreet service
  4. Prevent privacy breeches
  5. Prevent identity theft
  6. Avoid unnecessary administrative time spent on manual shredding