We take full responsibility for the integrity of your material as it moves through the shredding process.

Mobile Shredding Vehicle

A mobile shredding vehicle will come to your premises to collect and shred.

Regular ShreddingCollection

We will collect the confidential material from the secure containers provided or from areas indicated.

Secure Document Destruction

Our vetted Service Operative will securely transport the materials back to the vehicle for destruction.

Secure Shredding

With a shredding speed in excess of 2 tonnes per hour, the technology onboard our vehicles delivers a fast, efficient service.

Compliant Shredding

You are welcome to observe the shredding if required and after the process is complete we will issue a Certificate of Destruction for your audit purposes.

Sustainable Shredding

The shredded material is deposited and baled at our recycling facility.

Shredded Material

The bales of shredded paper are then ready for transportation to the paper recycling mill.


All of our shredded paper is recycled back into either office papers for re-use or used to create low-grade paper products.